LED LCD TV is a tv that uses the latest technology based on LED (Light Emiting Diode) in the show each element - element of the picture, if previous television producer has been producing television with cathode ray tube technology as a video viewer, so as a substitute for cathode ray tube television models, now tv has been found that use LED technology in the process of displaying elements - elements of the picture. Where before, they had found tv with LCD technology (Liquid Crystal Display), so along with the progress and development of technology model, then tv with a cathode ray tube is almost no longer manufactured. As a substitute for cathode ray tube television models are LED LCD TV, LCD TV instead of working with LEDs are not much different way from cathode-ray model, which is very different from the processing of digital signals into video that can be displayed on the LCD screen, if the cathode ray picture tube -model of horizontal and vertical scan in accordance with existing regulations and then with the help of ray deflection circuits, the picture will be displayed. On technology that has been using LED-based LCD backlight, the image will not be deflected as in the cathode ray tube models, but will be processed in liquid crystal technology, where each element of the image will be fed to the point (LED light emitting diodes) are highly structured.

Benefits of LCD TVs that use LED backlight models are:

- Saving of electrical energy used
- Figure it becomes as natural and obvious
- Having a bit of radiation is safe for the eyes

and other numerous benefits.
To avoid the risk of radiation every day we are approached without you realize it while watching TV, Change your cathode ray tube TVs with LED LCD TV, in order to save health and participated reduce global warming, because indirectly hot cathode ray tube TV without you realizing outstanding issues
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